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Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) Implementation

Patriot Medical Distributor (PMD) exclusive distributor for well-known and well-regarded Lymph®, therapy products to treat Lymphedema and Venous Disuse.

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Patriot Medical has developed a sophisticated process for Sales, Reimbursement and Customer support. They wanted to build an application that would incorporate the proven process and offer it as Software as a Service (SaaS) to their exclusive DME partners having offices across 50 states under the name Medical Distributor.

The new application needs to be multi-tent, serving multiple DME partners and each partner will store and have access to their data and virtualized application instance.

The users who is going to use it may not be tech-savvy. Therefore, the user interface should be self-explanatory and intuitive, so that the users can enter data faster, and PMD can train and setup new users as quickly as possible.

As the application will store patient information, and it must be HIPPA compliant, all critical information must be encrypted, and data transferred between client and server should be transfer securely.

Last but not the least, PMD doesn’t want to build the infrastructure in the house to host this application. They were looking for on-demand scalable, low-cost and low-maintenance hosting solution. The hosting solution must provide all the monitoring capabilities (disk usage, Processes, IO, etc.), so they can upgrade as demand increases.


To fulfill the goals of the initiative, we leveraged our full-service project approach and methodology and formed a multi-disciplinary resources across the Visual Design, User Experience (UX) Strategist, Cloud Architect, and Application Development working closely with PMD in-house Quality insurance team.

The solution was envisioned, designed and developed across following cutting edge technologies:

  • Visual Design & User Experience (UX): Due to nature of this product, there is a need to enter a large amount of data spread across many screens. Zeurix Visual Design and User Experience (UX) strategist worked closely with PMD business experts to develop the wireframes, user interface designs adhering to the responsive grid system, and overall streamlining the data flow to make it easier for business users to enter large amount data efficiently, and across Mobile and Desktop form factors.
  • Azure/ Platform as a Service (PaaS)/ Web App/ Azure VMs: The solution from the group-up design and developed for Cloud, leveraging all the best practices and standards, and hosted on Azure Platform as a Service (PAAS). Microsoft Azure Cloud computing platform perfectly meets the requirements of an on-demand scalability, agility, and low maintenance and cost.
  • AngularJS / HTML 5/ Bootstrap/ CSS/ JavaScript: The inter-dependencies between the data and screens, and to make it intuitive, and to provide a consistent experience across different form factors, Zeurix team choose to develop it in AngularJS, Bootstrap, and HTML5. AngularJS decision helped Zeurix to provide a modular, load data on demand, highly reliable, and desktop-like experience for end users.
  • Restful .NET WEB APIs / Entity Framework / Azure SQL Database The back-end was developed using loosely coupled Microsoft Web APIs using REST Approach. The decoupling allows to scale efficiently and add more instance of VMs behind the load balancer to meet the growing demand. The data access was developed using Entity framework and repository patterns.


The product was launched on time and under budget. Over 10+ companies started using it within weeks, and exponential growth is expected as the experience is released to additional companies throughout the year.

PMD and Zeurix have now become the trusted partners. Zeurix managed services now performing the ongoing maintenance as well as effectively monitoring the Production environment hosted in the cloud (Azure) to ensure friction-free operation.

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Services Provided

Visual Design
User Experience (UX)
Application Development

Technologies Used

Microsoft .NET
Entity Framework
Azure Cloud Computing
Azure SQL Database