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Requirements Workshops

To ensure our clients are getting the most value out of the SharePoint initiative. We work closely with the key stakeholders to capture their needs and then architect a solution that aligns with business goals.

  • Define the business goals and objectives
  • Interview key stakeholders, understanding their needs and expectations
  • Identify the quantifiable metrics and what would eventually determine the success of the project.
  • Capture usage scenarios, functional, non-functional, taxonomy and metadata, Content types, site structure, etc.

The information captured will then use to develop the solid Information Architecture (IA), Infrastructure design, Solution architecture, metadata architecture.

Migrate to Latest version of SharePoint on-premise or SharePoint Online

Each new version of SharePoint brings many enhancements that enable organization to become more productive. Keeping up with the new version and the risks, cost associated with the upgrade bring many challenges. Over the years, with our proven upgrade methodology has help many clients to upgrade their legacy environment to latest version of SharePoint, either on premise or helping to them reliably and successfully migrate to SharePoint Online.

  • Perform a detailed assessment of the current environment from a business and technical perspective, and documenting the existing customizations, content, workflows, etc to plan how to deal with them during the upgrade process.
  • Determine the most cost effective upgrade options.
  • Information architecture (IA) and content clean-up.
  • Prepare a migration test Plan.
  • Migrate content from previous version.

Develop innovative and cutting edage solutions custom SharePoint solutions

SharePoint provides many great features out-of-box features. There are times when you would like to tailor it to meet further your particular need. Our team has in-depth expertise in developing custom solution across Azure, Office365, and SharePoint.

  • SharePoint Apps and solutions extending SharePoint capabilities to meet your specific business need using Client JavaScript, AngularJS, HTML 5, CSS, oData, REST and oAuth
  • Sophisticated Workflows development to automate your business processes using SharePoint new powerful programming model.
  • Configure and Customizing Search and interface to gain insight your data and get meaningful results.
  • Customize Enterprise Content Management (ECM) behavior and experiences.
  • Business Connectivity Services (BCS) development and connecting it with external systems

Build a successful Governance Plan

Properly developed governance plan help end users to use SharePoint with confidence, improve overall efficiency and help with the adoption.

Our governance approach is finding the right balance between people, process, and technology and spreading it across IT Governance, Information Management and SharePoint application development lifecycle management (ALM).